Welcome to the new website.

A Single Tree in the Mist

Like the title says, welcome to the new website.

If you don’t know me, and you probably don’t, my name is Stacy Baugher. You can find out more about me over on my About page, or you can just find out whatever as you go along. The purpose of this new site is to give me a place to work on my photography. I’m not going to be posting a bunch of stuff, although I will have a gallery page a little later on. I just opened my old Flickr account back up (and deleted everything on it) so I could start this new year off fresh, photographically. Ironically, I will be posting several of my favorite past shots, and telling just a little about them.

I had gotten up several hours before sunrise that day with the sole intention of trying to get some good early morning nature shots done, maybe a sunrise, the usual stuff. I took the Natchez Trace from Clinton up to the Ross Barnett reservoir in Ridgeland and was greeted by dense mist everywhere. It was pretty much a blanket over everything, and I do remember a close encounter with a heard of deer crossing the road. Anyway, I made several stops and tried several different settings and just was not sure I got anything worth much. At one stop, I had walked down through this corpse of trees and found that there was around fifteen feet of space between them and the water. Almost like an unveiling in a movie, this little tree just appeared as I walked down to the shore side. I set up, took the shot, and moved on.

I made several stops that morning. Not checking my memory card, as I have tried to make a habit, until I got home several hours later. I like several images on that day, but this one in particular seemed to stand out.

Hope you like it too.



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