The R.H. Henry Bridge on March 9th, 2014

R.H. Henry Bridge March 9th 2014
There are some subjects that you go back to again and again; this particular location is one of mine.

Built in 1929, the R.H. Henry Bridge stretches over the Big Black River. Just on the outskirts of Bovina in Warren County and Edwards in Hinds County, it is a sight that many people think of when they think of Mississippi; a two lane “highway” splitting cotton fields on either side over a large muddy river. It is currently on the National Registery of Historic Places.

Why I come back to this location is clear in my mind, it reminds me of my childhood. I was born in Greenville, Mississippi but raised in Vicksburg, Mississippi and its outlying communities. When we would go over this bridge in my Dad’s old pick-up truck I was always terrified. When oncoming traffic would pass at the same time I was pertrified! The way is so narrow that you swear you are going to, at the least, scrape doors. Oddly enough, as a teen, I did witness two dually pick-up trucks take each others mirrors off.  

Part of shooting this bridge involves facing some fears, part is trying to evoke the feeling of desolation that parts of rural Mississippi evoke. This image was stitched together from two seperate shots and adjusted.

Hope you like it.



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