Archive Shot: Lightnin’ Malcom at the 2010 Mississippi Blues Marathon

Lightnin' Malcolm at the 2010 Mississippi Blues Marathon

It was cold, but the blues was hot.

That was what I remember the most about this shot. It was January 9th, 2010, early morning. I was at the 2010 Mississippi Blues Marathon and it was freezing. Literally freezing, the temperature at start was around sixteen (16) degrees. It was so cold my camera, at the time a Canon, was giving me fits. I really wasn’t prepared for the cold. Nearly every picture I took had noise in it. After about an hour of being outside at the finish line, I went into the runner recovery tent.

Remember, this is a runners marathon, not a music festivel, but there are music stages set up at different stations along the route, including the finish line. All during the race different acts come on and serenade the runners as they pass. As I entered the tent, I first noticed that it was WARM! Multiple large industrial heaters were running and there was a handfull of runners warming up and working out their muscles. On the stage was the duo of Lightnin’ Malcom and Cedric Burnside.

It didn’t matter that they were playing to only a couple of people and a lone photographer, they put on a show. Watching them emmerse themselves in the music was wonderful, and reminded me of my days of playing with various bands so long ago.

If you want to check out some of Lightnin’ Malcolm’s music, you can catch his Facebook page  or his ReverbNation page. Good sounds to be found.


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