Archive Shot: Kansas City Southern Through Edwards, Mississippi

The Kansas City Southern Through Edwards, Mississippi

This is another image I took a little while back. I had been driving down the backroads between Jackson and Vicksburg and made a stop in Edwards, Mississippi to shoot an old water tower that sits just across teh street from the train tracks. While I was shooting the water town I heard a low rumbling. It took a minute, but I realized that it was a train. I walked toward the railroad tracks and took a look down each direction and caught sight of it, a big red engine coming toward me fast.

I ran back across the parking lot and eyeballed the situation. I knew that the train would be coming on fast and Iwould have only a second to get the shot. I double checked all my settings and waited. When it hit it was fast. I panned with the camera and shot a quick series of images, almost a spray and pray. Luckily it worked and this image was the result.

An interesting note about this location: In the Cohen Brothers film, O Brother, Where Art Thou?,  the bridge in this image and train tracks are the same ones that George Clooney and Holly Hunter walk over in the last scene of the film, when Everett give Penny the ring and she tells him it is the wrong one. The old blind man, played by Lee Weaver, rides down this track on his railroad handcar as the movie ends. While many of the scenes they shot were more in the Canton, Mississippi area, this one in Edwards is is easy to spot once you have been there.   

There is a possiblilty that this image will be avalible as a print in the near future. Feel free to let me know if you might be interested.

Thanks for reading, new work will be coming within the week.

Stacy Baugher



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