British Phone Booth in Mississippi

British Phone Booth in Mississippi

This British phone booth, no longer functioning, is across the street from the Governors mansion in downtown Jackson, Mississippi. It always has been a sort of oddity, and at one time years ago actually had a phone in it, but I am not sure it ever worked.

Now, it has become little more than a broken down mess. The windows are cracked and the paint is bad. I won’t say how many times waste has been found in it.

I wish that someone could take up an effort to refurbish it, maybe put a working phone in it. Better yet, make it a small wi-fi hotspot with a build in photo-booth. Now that would be cool.




    1. It is suprising how many people do have a conection with Mississippi. I was born and raised here, and am raising my own family here. The state has a bad reputation, but everyone I know who has actually visited or spent a little time here says they were pleasantly suprised. Thanks for checking out the blog, Ron.

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