Secular Dream No. 1 or Bourbon Street in New Orleans, Louisiana

Secular Dream No. 1

Secular Dream No. 1, taken April 29th, 1998.

This is one of my earlier street images, Bourbon Street in New Orleans, Louisiana, and one of a handful of prints that survived the house fire my wife and I suffered around 10 years ago,.

Last night I scanned this from the 4×6 print that I had managed to salvage. I never tried to scan it before, as it was a painful memory of the loss we suffered in that fire so many yeas ago. I had a 16×20 on this image hanging in the living room and the fire was so complete I never saw even a hint of it. Equipment, archives, prints, negatives… almost 15 yeas of photographic work gone. All that survived was a couple of shoe box prints and a few negatives.

Now we have a new house after almost 10 years of renting. Got a pretty nice little scanned now as well, not pro, but nice. Seems like it may be time to go through those old shoe boxes now. Maybe even order me a new 16×20 print of Secular Dream No. 1.


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