From the Sketch Book… Happy Friday the 13th!

Happy Friday the 13th, 06/13/14

So, this is another thing I’ll be doing occasionally.

Before I ever picked up a camera, I was artistic. Art classes from before 1st grade, Honors Art in high school, scholarship offers, a short time in college for Commerical Art and Design. Then I made some bad choices, thought I was in love, quit college and then later found I had been an idiot.

Yep, I am a walking cautionary tale.

Since my kids, Ms. 6 year old and Mr. 2 1/2 have shown some artistic ability, I’ve been practicing, mainly watercolors and batiks, to get back some skills to help them advance. As a child, I never really got support when it came to my art. Pretty much all the conversations with an art related career and my family ended in, “But how will you make a living?” Art as a way of making money never occured to them.

Lots of the skills are gone, but I am slowly getting muscle memory back. Working with watercolors, keeping a sketchbook, practicing blind contours, slowly getting a pop culture wax batik done, trying to remember all I have forgotten. It’s slowly coming back to me.

What all that means is, you will occasionally be subjected to my juvenile and unprofessional “art work.” 

I just thought about it, does Friday the 13th hold the same meaning in other countries as it does here in the United States? Has anyone outside of the United States seen the Geico Camel Hump Day commercials that inspired this sketch? For that matter, does anyone outside the United States really know the hockey masked killer Jason from the Friday the 13th movies? Dunno. Feel free to comment below or look up the Hump Day Camel Commercial on YouTube.

Have a safe one and God Bless!




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