National Go Skateboard Day

Young Skater in the Bowl

I honestly did not know it was National Go Skateboard Day this past June 21st.

To me, it was me and the wife’s eleventh anniversary. Eleven years that she has put  up with me, I am married to a beautiful saint.

Young Skater Before

Anyway, we had been up at a local bookstore when we ran into an old friend of mine that I see on average about once every few years, in the same books store.  We caught up a bit, and he invited me to come out to his place and check out his shop where he sculpts, and I told him to text me. A little while later, I get the text and the wife okays me to meet him up at  the local skate park.

Young Skater in the Bowl 2

The park was packed, as you may expect on National Go Skateboard Day, and one of the last bands was playing so we could barely hear each other talk. I had my kit with me, including my lens that decides not to focus at odd times. Tonight was one of those, I figured that the images were all going to be a wash, but after a while inpost the next morning, I salvaged three of the skater Cameron Caloss. Maybe I can salvage more later in the week.

Hope y’all like ’em.

Be safe and God Bless,



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