Hi there, it’s been a while…

This year has been a crazy, busy year for me and my photography. I participated in several big gigs, was offered some great opportunities, and my name was out there more than any point in probably last ten years. I turned down more jobs than I accepted, and I accepted a select few. I had a blast working with some extremely creative people, and I took time to open myself up to some new venues. Overall, it was a successful year, but not really a satisfying one.

I found out several things about myself, my photography, and people in general.

I can still perform under extreme pressure and deliver quality.

I should trust my instincts more often.

I can stand up for myself and my art.

When I stand on my convictions, my art is more satisfying.

No matter how much of professional someone puts themselves forth to be, it is their actions and how they treat others which will prove or disprove it.

Just because a person says they are listening, it doesn’t mean they are, no matter how important the conversation is.

If asking questions is seen as undermining someone’s authority, then there are issues that have nothing to do with the job at hand, much less me.

It is okay for me to set terms and conditions, and refuse or accept a proposed job based on how those terms and conditions are handled, no matter how unprofessional the other party sees it.

Some people have more faith in an unthinking tool than in the people around them.

Set your price and stick to it. Negotiations after the deal has been struck only degrade your worth.

If you don’t like the answers you are getting, then the problem may not actually be your questions, but the person giving the answers.

There are more, but these are the ones that made a big impression. Some of them may seem trivial; some of them are things we tell ourselves over and over anyway, things we swear by. The thing is, when you are standing in front of somebody with whom you are trying to work and it is a gig that you have wanted forever and a day and they start to say things that set your spidey-sense off, sometimes you just bury it and keep nodding your head, despite the uneasiness. I had several of those this year, and it took me multiple … “experiences”… to promise myself not to do that again. Trust your instincts.


Just a few more weeks in the year and I have a couple of more things to post about before I write 2014 off. Stay tuned, got some changes on the way.



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