Kid-Code-Channel-Zero-1TITLE:     Kid Code: Channel Zero #1

WRITERS:       John Jennings, Stacey Robinson, Damain Duffy

PENCILS:        Stacey Robinson

INKS/COLORS: John Jennings


PUBLISHER: Rosarium Publishing

OFFICIAL BLURB taken from the Rosarium Publishing website…

Kid Code: Channel Zero is a rollicking, cosmic, time-traveling adventure, fusing classic hip-hop culture and outlandish sci-fi fantasy in this alternate universe to create the ultimate mash-up.

Everything’s a remix! And Kid Code and his comrades must fight against The Power, who eons ago sampled the first sounds made from the God MC and created the Dark Mix (a version of the universe that was never intended).

Now there’s a race against and for time throughout the universe to assemble The Everlasting Cosmic Mixtape–nine tracks that can re-assemble the God Sample and help set things back on course.

The adventure starts here in Kid Code: Channel Zero.

It’s time for some action!


When you decide you are going to review books, or any form of entertainment, as a blogger/writer/whatever, your first impulse may be to seek out the high profile projects, the stuff that gives you hits and page views and gets your name out there. The problem is that when you do that, you may be missing out on something really special.

When the opportunity came up to review KID CODE: CHANNEL ZERO out of Rosarium Publishing, I grabbed onto it with both hands, thinking I was ready for whatever Black Kirby and Tan Lee could throw at me.

Boy was I wrong. I was nowhere near ready.


The world of KID CODE is one straight out of a fevered night on the streets. The God MC creates the Uni-Verse after speaking the word (YO!) and then placed the ancestors souls in The Crowd. But after the Ultimate Hater stabs him in the back and took his power, he changed his name to The Power.

There is more, oh so much more rhythmic and inspired words to the story. but here is the main thing to remember: Kid Code, a member of the Knights of the Infinite Digging (aka The KIDS) is out trying to track down the Phantom Station so he can turn off Channel Zero and shut The Power down. In this endeavor, he is watched over by Father Time and his assistant Roxy Clockwise. To this end Code has tracked down a splinter which can lead him to the Phantom Station, but it is in the form of an innocent young girl name Sylvia. Can Code get the information he needs to shut down Channel Zero and save the innocent, and still look cool as a pair of vintage kicks while doing it? Read it to find out.

There is more, oh so much more. It is difficult to put into words because they flow like lyrics across the page, the visuals moving in ways that only could come from the hands of people who love what they do. There is no holding back on this, you read it at full volume and hope that your ear/eyes can handle the waves.


Beneath all my poorly attempted hyperbole, this is an amazing comic. Stacey Robinson and John Jennings‘ art is big, bold, colorful and full of life. Damain Duffy‘s dialogue sings off the page and traps you in it’s flow. It is an experience, not just a comic. It grabs onto its own audacity and doubles down for the win, making you find yourself admiring the minds that laid it all out. It went completely beneath my radar when it was released, but now that I have found it I am anxiously awaiting the next installment

Spread the word. Go find it. Hunt it down. Read it, then pass on the good word. Kid Code: Channel Zero #1 get an enthusiastic two thumbs up!

Kid Code: Channel Zero #1 (of 3) is available at Rosarium Publishing and other fine retailers. ISBN: 9781495602207

Kid Code: ChannelID CODE: CH


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