Questions About Writer Tools & How Long It Takes To Write…

I’ve had several people send me emails inquiring about the tool bars you see over top the right of your screen on my website, unless you are on a mobile browser and then they may be at the very bottom of the page. Those are my word count progress graphs. The overall questions I’ve had about them is , where did you get them, and are they helping?

I originally saw them several years back at Cheri Priest’s website and she linked over to this website, Writertopia. Of the two styles they have available, I use the more straight forward one. They have one with a cute little cartoon that you can have show your mood, but that one just wasn’t me. The page I linked to a few sentences back has complete directions on how to use them, and they should be no problem if you chose to go that route. By the way, if you have not read at least one of Cheri Priest’s books, you are missing out, go pick one up today.

How much do those counters help me? To be completely honest, not much. All of the word counts are currently out of date. A few of the works have been finished and one was put away to peculate for a while. If you are on your page several times a week posting and updating it, I can see it being a great boon. For me, not so much. I just have spurts of updating consistently, and then weeks of nothing, but I’m trying to get better.  Hopefully tonight I can find time to delete the onces that are no good and update the others.


     The other question I have noticed popping up is, “How long does it take to write your book/story/whatever? My answer is this…

“It takes as long as it takes.”

     It’s kinda trite, but its the truth. There are writers out there that can set themselves a deadline and on that day they are FINISHED. I am NOT one of those writers. I just can’t, I guess I am not disciplined enough yet. I finish a few works, submit them, and get on to other projects while waiting for the rejection slips to come in. I’ve been working on my two long form projects for a while and have to bounce between them every few weeks. Makes for slow writing, but it keeps my mind busy and on a different problem all the time.

     All that to say that I will endeavor to be more consistent in my writing projects and on this website. I will try not to bore you, but I wont go weeks with nothing either.

     On that note, I leave you with this little meme…

How Long to Write Novel

How Long to Write Novel

Have a good day, and keep on writing!




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