The “About” page is something that has always been hard for me to write. How do you get across who you are in under a page and make it interesting enough that people may actually care. For the most part, people only care about other people on the Internet when they have something to offer them. The exception being when the person is a real world acquaintance or relative. So how do you address the dreaded “About” page?

I’m not sure, but why don’t I just start by introducing myself. Maybe you’ll find in that introduction that I have something to offer you.

My name is Stacy Baugher. I live in Clinton, Mississippi with my wife, two children, and a black pug who goes by the name Karma. When I am not at my real world job making money to support my family, I can be found with said family. However, if I am not with my family being Dad and Husband, I can either be found behind a keyboard typing or out in the world with my camera.

In regards to my writing, I write. Not a lot else I can say. I know, writers are supposed to be all flowery and self promoting, constantly talking about whatever work they currently are obsessed with, trying to drive up their Klout score or get you to download their book, click a link to an article, or check out their latest work in whatever way they have available. I know writers like that, and I admire them, I really do. But, you see, I am not one of those. Oh, I tried it, but it just didn’t fit me. It may be a self-fulfilling prophecy, but I really don’t expect my work to be published, at least not by anyone that would pay for it. I’ve got several projects, a couple complete, a few that I am deep in the trenches with, and a couple that are just little glimmers of hope. If they are meant to be seen they will be. Oh, I used to write quite a bit for a few entertainment websites, mostly on comic books and such, but I don’t now. Priorities just change, I guess.

My photography is much the same way. I’ve been taking photographs since I was a teenager, first with a little Kodak 110 camera, currently with a nice big digital camera. What kind isn’t important, it takes images as I try to show you what I see, how I see it. You don’t worry much about what kind of keyboard Stephen King types on, do you? The important thing is the finished product, that you enjoy it. Oh, I’ll put a page up later to chronicle all of my equipment; one real digital camera and a bunch of film cameras that I love dearly. I may even discuss why I like a particular piece of equipment over another, but it will be more just me working out my reasoning. And for insurance. I never worried about that until we suffered a break-in a few years back and I had much of my photographic equipment stolen. So now a page listing what I have and some information on it is just going to be a matter of course.

So that about sums it up. I’m a writer and photographer, sometimes fabric and watercolor artist, that has a website. If you see some art, be it photographic, fabric, watercolor or writing, that you really like and think you would like to purchase, drop me a line; we’ll see what we can work out.

If you check the “Contact” page, you’ll see I’m on Facebook and Twitter. I have a Tumblr, but I rarely use it. Got an About.Me page as well, but it is really just kinda there. If you need to get in touch with me you’ll find the correct way.

Till then, make yourself comfortable, kick back, and have a look around. I got to go create… or change a diaper… or feed the girl… or walk the dog. I’m pretty sure I’ll get to be creative at some point.





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