Boat on the Ross Barnett Reservoir

This past Sunday I went out with my camera for the first time in around 9 months. You see, I’ve kinda hit a point with my photography where it feels like I just can’t advance.

Boat on the Ross Barnett Reservoir

Boat on the Ross Barnett Reservoir

Maybe to go forward I am going to have to go backwards.

Boat on the Ross Barnett Reservoir
Ridgeland, Mississippi


Rampage Extreme Park, Jackson, MS: Before The Drop

Before The Drop

Another archive shot. I had the opportunity to shoot at the Rampage Extreme Park last year and, despite some camera issues, I had a blast.

John Jenni, who along with his wife runs the park, was great. I watched him as he skated and encouraged several of the younger skaters. I got a few good shots that night, but because I didn’t take time to scout first I was thrown off by some lighting issues. On top of that a camera which, once again, decided that it was going to start flaking out on me, makes me want to revist them again soon.