Printmaking tonight…

A few weeks back I finished up a series of linocut pieces for the classic EC Comics three horror host, The Old Witch, The Vault Keeper, and The Crypt Keeper. Tonight, I prepare to hand pull some prints.

The original art graced the covers of many of the EC horror comics, mainly Vault of Horror, Tales from the Crypt, and the Haunt of Fear. Jacks Davis was the original artist, and I based my #linocuts off of his work. I love the Graham Ingels art that came alter, but The Jack Davis work had a simplicity ot it that appeals to me.

The first one I did was The Old Witch…

The Old Witch

Kinda tough, the color adds a lot in the original, but I was able to transfer it and got close to the original look.

The next one was The Vault Keeper…

The Vault Keeper

This one I was not as happy with, I shaved off a spot on the chin I did not need to, and they eyes are suspect. I need to do a repair on the chin and we will see how this one comes out.

The last one was The Crypt Keeper…

Crypt Keeper

This one I am extremely happy with! My transfer came out great, my hand did not start cramping up, and it was very representative of the original.

The point is that I am about to sit down and do some really-real prints of these tonight. The image area is 7×5 and will be printed on 8×10 paper 100lbs printmaking paper.

I’ll let you know how it turns out.