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Reprint: Star Wars, The 30 Year Gap: Luke

This is a continuation of a series I originally started on another blog last year and I only got a few in. With all the Star Wars: Force Awakens news and rumors running around, I thought it would be fun to repost it on my main blog….


Star Wars: The Thirty Year Gap.

Part Two: Luke Leaves the Rebellion

You either stand by your principles or you suffer…

                At the end of Return of the Jedi, we see a Luke Skywalker who has grown in the Force to the point of defeating the remaining known Sith by bringing about the redemption of his own father back to the lightside of the Force. Now, that done, his next steps may be harder than any lightsaber battle he has been in…


                 Luke Skywalker returns to the Rebel Alliance fleet after the celebration at Endor. He has a sense of satisfaction and a belief that he is on the right track. Now, he sets forth to do that which he knows now he must do, find a way to return the Jedi to the galaxy.

To that end, Luke goes to his sister, Leia, and asks her advice on what he should do. He tells her that he feels there are people out in the galaxy that have access to the Force, but may not know it. He is certain that his next step must be not only finding and researching any remains that may exist regarding the Jedi Order and their ways, but finding other Force sensitive and bringing them into the fold of a New Jedi Order. Han jokingly asks if Luke is getting ready to build an army of cocky kids wielding lightsabers, but Leia hushes him. She agrees that he must do something about the Jedi and continuing their legacy, but believes that there are more pressing matters at hand. She tells him that she has a meeting with Mon Motham and the other Rebel Alliance leaders to discuss their next steps, and that Luke has been asked to join.

After several hours of political and military planning, Luke has begun to think that Mon Mothma and Leia had forgotten him. Just as he is preparing to leave, Admiral Ackbar turns to him and asks, “And what can we expect from our resident Jedi; how long till we can expect some support from a revived Jedi Order?”

Luke is somewhat taken back by this. He had come to ask for some assistance in helping search for signs of the original records from the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, not to give a timeline of some sort of Jedi return. He tells Ackbar as much, and then adds that he is not even sure that the old Jedi Order should be brought back, even if he could.

An argument follows. It is clear that the leaders in the Rebel Alliance had expected that Luke would bring a new Jedi Order to their side and assist them as part of the military, much as they had done prior to and during the Clone Wars. Mon Mothma tells of how she specifically remembers the power that a single Jedi could hold, able to sway a battle simply by being on the field and to turn difficult negotiations around with words of wisdom. All at the table agree that a new Jedi Order would be essential to the success of any new government which would take hold.

Everyone agrees, except Luke. He gives an impassioned speech in which he explains that, from his research, the closeness that the Jedi shared with the Old Republic may have very well been a large part of both organizations downfall. They spent too much time looking at the larger picture of galactic politics and not enough time watching out for the people they were protecting. With what his research has uncovered, though the diaries of Obi-Wan Kenobi and reports found in pre-war archives, was that when the Jedi became a military force within the splintering Old Republic, that they blinded themselves to the real problem; why did the people feel that they needed to leave to Old Republic in the first place? And what of the Jedi themselves? They seem to have fallen into much the same situation as the Old Republic, as they refused to look past their own indoctrination to the concerns that some of their own members had about the actions they were taken.

The members of the Rebel Alliance council seem taken aback by this. Their assumption had always been that they were working toward a goal of restoring the Old Republic and the Jedi Order with it, and the possibility of Luke, the last Jedi, having fought beside them all this time only to disagree with them now had never been considered. The debate gets heated. Han quickly takes Luke’s side, as does Lando Calrissian. Mon Mothma, Admiral Ackbar, Wedge Antillies and General Dodonna all push for Luke to official declare that the Jedi would be a part of the new government. Luke reminds them quietly that their new government does not exactly exist as of yet. Shocked silence. Leia finally intercedes; she moves to table the issue of the Jedi until a more suitable time, after Luke has made a report on any discoveries and Jedi candidates that he may find. Once again everyone agrees, except Luke.

Luke declares that he does not intend for the Jedi, if he is successful in bringing them back, to become a tool, politically or militarily. Mon Mothma, obviously furious, dismisses him from the meeting.

As Luke leaves, Leia quickly rushes after him, intent on being the mediator and soothing over the situation. Luke reiterates his position, and lets her know that no one, not even his new found sister, was going to change his mind. If he had any doubt about the Jedi Order’s place in a revitalized Republic, they were gone now. He fully intended for the Jedi to be an autonomous entity with no obligations to anyone.   He kisses his sister and tells her he will be in touch.

A few hours later, as he tries to access his waiting X-Wing, the hanger chief tells him that the ship has been grounded waiting for re-assignment. Before much more can be said, Lando approaches and tells Luke that immediately after he left, Admiral Ackbar had his ship marked for reassignment. Leia had protested, but Admiral Ackbar had declared that if Luke intended on leaving the New Republic, he was not taking New Republic property. Lando them offers to give him a ride in his ship, the Lady Luck, to wherever he was intent on going, or at least till he could procure a new ship. Luke accepts.

As Luke boards the Lady Luck, his looks longingly at the hanger bay, realizing that for the first time in his life, he may be truly alone. As Lando takes off, he hears a soft but familiar dweep-doop come from the back of the ship. He turns to find R2-D2 rolling toward him. Lando laughs, stating that he knew the little droid wouldn’t stay hidden for long. R2-D2 then plays a hologram message for Luke from C-3P0. It seems that after Ackbar grounded Luke’s X-Wing, Leia sent C-3PO off to arrange R2 to accompany her brother. A short message of encouragement follows, and declarations of love from Leia and Han, and it is over. Luke realizes that he will never be alone as long as he has his family, blood or not.

Lando then gets a transmission from Home One. It’s from Wedge Antillies, and he asks to speak to Luke. Wedge tells him that he realizes that Ackbar may seem to have been a little rough, and that Mon Motham would come around, and a few more seemingly stressed statements. As they listen, R2 begins to beep excitedly and lets them know that Wedge is sending them a secret message in plain sight, stressing certain syllables and such for a different message. Wedge has given them a set of coordinates, and instructions to go there in 36 hours.

At the appointed time, Lando and Luke arrive just outside the Tantooine system. After a few moments, a strange signal comes through, and a familiar shape drops out of hyperspace. Wedge Antillies has arrived driving a proto-type X-Wing fighter with two seats. He docks with Lando’s Lady Luck and tells Luke that despite the words spoken he has the support of Rogue Squadron, and they want him to have the proto-type X-Wing to help him in his search for new Jedi trainees.

So with renewed encouragement, Luke departs. His journey leads him through many adventures and his new Jedi Order grows steadily.

Thanks for reading, more to come…

Stacy Baugher


Reprint: Star Wars, The 30 Year Gap: Han & Leia

This is a series I originally started on another blog last year and I only got a few in. With all the Star Wars: Force Awakens news and rumors running around, I thought it would be fun to repost it on my main blog….


Star Wars: The Thirty Year Gap

Part One: Han and Leia

My friends all hated it at first, then I explained…

                After the Battle of Endor, the job of the politicians became almost as important as that of the warriors. The Empire’s central governing official may be gone, but the Moff’s controlling their individual sectors would still be there to deal with. Leia, being a politician and royalty, would most certainly be asked to help form the new government. This would put her in the spotlight. Additionally, her being royalty could and would be used as propaganda in recruiting more systems into the government. Would those governments be willing to follow the lead or advice of a woman of high birth who consorted with a known criminal and smuggler? Most likely not. So she would at first try and keep her relationship with Han quiet, seeing him between missions and in hiding, much like her mother did after having married Anakin. She marries Han in secret, again, as her mother did her father. But happines would not be hers…

Unfortunately, a space paparazzi or rival politician would find out and they would leak the news. When confronted with it, I do not think that Leia would chuck it all and declare openly that she was married to an underworld figure (because rebel hero or not, he was a smuggler before joining the Rebel Alliance). I think that she would talk about Han as a hero to the New Republic and her rescuer, and a dear friend who helped her after the destruction of her home world, but she would say they never married. And this would be true, as you will see in a few moments. Leia essentially leaves Han and asks him to try and not to see her again. I see her getting married, legally, for political reasons later on, and I think that to whom I would have her marry would be a shock. But I’ll save that for another day.

Now, regarding Han…

After the Battle of Endor, Han is on cloud nine. His life is in the best place that he can remember it ever being, he is in love with a princes and she loves him, moves are being made to revoke the bounties and death marks he has; he is truly free and clear for the first time since he began his career as a smuggler.

He has plans for the future, and for the first time they involve someone more than himself, his ship and Chewbacca. But he slowly starts to realize that his plans are not important to the universe. Leia explains to him, they have to be careful because the public opinion, and that of thousands of planetary governments, relies on her being seen as a symbol of hope in the future. Han persuades her to go to the wookiee home world of Kashyyyk to see Chewbacca’s family. While there Han confesses how much he loves her and wants to be with her, no matter what. He opens himself up completely to Leia, drops the hardened smuggler shell and tells her of his history, his whole history, things that even Chewie did not know. Leia, realizing how much she cares for him, asks him to marry her. They seal their love with a marriage ceremony on Life Day, Chewbacca’s father, Attichitcuk, performs the ceremony. Afterwards, Chewbacca explains that, due to his planets current status in the galaxy, that the ceremony is truly only legal on his planet. Han says he doesn’t care about the rest of the galaxy, but Leia seems a little more shaken with that information.

Upon returning to their regular life, Han begins to feel like a third repulsor. Leia insists that there are delicate negotiations in the works that may be upset if they announce their marriage and tells Han they have to keep it quiet. When questioned why she is so often seen with a New Republic general of questionable history, she states that he is her Chief Security aid, and his presence with her is completely warranted. Han tries his best to play along, but eventually begins to feel smothered by his inability to be with the woman he loves on his own terms. It is Han, through an unwitting C-3PO, who sets the space paparazzi on their trail, and ultimately Han who sets up the meeting which finally exposes their relationship. He belives that if it is all out in the open, people will have no choice but to accept it.

Feeling betrayed by Han, Leia holds the press conference which cuts Han from her life, privately and politically.

Han resigns any commission he had in the military, and with Chewbacca, returns to a life under the radar, swearing to never let his shields down for a woman again. He is occasionally spotted on the Outer Rim worlds, flying the Millennium Falcon with Chewbacca by his side. His last know coordinates placed him as part of the criminal underlord Crimson Jack’s fleet, with a purple haired woman known as Jolli manning his guns.

He would not see Leia gain for many years, when circumstances would bring their lives crashing back together and they would have to face the consequences of their decisions.

Next up, see what plans I would have for Luke Skywalker during the thirty year gap.

Stacy Baugher