Boat on the Ross Barnett Reservoir

This past Sunday I went out with my camera for the first time in around 9 months. You see, I’ve kinda hit a point with my photography where it feels like I just can’t advance.

Boat on the Ross Barnett Reservoir

Boat on the Ross Barnett Reservoir

Maybe to go forward I am going to have to go backwards.

Boat on the Ross Barnett Reservoir
Ridgeland, Mississippi


Bridge over the Railroad in Andering, Mississippi

Bridge over Railroad in Anding Mississippi
This past Friday I had some time off and was finally able to get out with the camera and capture some new images. In that endeavor I drove up to Yazoo City, about 45 minutes from my home and spent the day meandering back down Highway 49, stopping whenever something caught my eye.

One thing that caught my eye was a sign that pointed of the highway to the towns Andering and Oil City. I had passed it several times before and never taken it, so today I decided to burn some more gas and head out that way, curious to see what I could find.

What I found was an old wooden bridge with a 10 foot clearance over a railroad track. It was absolutely gorgeous! I took a few iPhone thumbnails of the tracks and posted them to my Instagram and tried to get a good angle on the scene. Despite several tries, the sun was just in the wrong spot and I got a blown out sky.

So when I got home, I took to Photoshop and tried to save it. Adjusting the sky, shadows, colors, temps, I had no idea that it would take as much as it did. This is not one I am “proud” of, but I like it. If you were able to get it to full size, you would find some atrocious issues with it, and as it stands now I can see them without expanding. You probably can as well.

This is not an image I would sell, but I would hang it on my wall.

That said, it is an image that I like, despite the amount of Photoshop I threw at it.

They say do not put anything up that you are not proud of, but I think this is an exception. It is a good image, and the way it was saved makes for a much more interesting completion. Of course, I am the only one who knows how it started off… 😉

Be kind to this one, it went through a lot.