A Mandalorian reference in Star Wars: The Force Awakens?

Last night I watched the trailer for the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie on my phone, as I was already in bed.

Verdict? Great!

I then watched it again on my television through the YouTube app. Glorious 51 inch High Def. I almost cried. I mean, I really did get a little choked up.

I watched it again today at work, and noticed something, at the 1 minute, 39 second mark, there was a sight that made me gasp!

References to the Mandalorians and Clan Fett, in the Force Awakens trailer?

References to the Mandalorians and Clan Fett, in the Force Awakens trailer?

Here is a shot of the Mythosaur, which is featured on Boba Fett’s armor…

Boba Fett Merc

And here is one of the Clan Fett symbol…

Clan FettThe meaning of these references in the new canon is not known. But, in the Expanded Universe, these symbols where clearly linked with the Mandalorian way of life. The Mythosaur skull first appeared in the original run of Star War camics from Marvel in issue #69, which introduced the Mandalorians as a conquered people, enslaved by the Empire. Fenn ShysaTobbi Dala were introduced as freedom fighters and ex-Mandalorian Protectors (or Super Commandos) who fought during the Clone Wars under the leadership of Boba Fett. This being before ANY Expanded Universe product was put out, beside a few novels, the Marvel Comics, a couple of Audio Dramas, and the various cartoons, this is how people were introduced the idea of the Mandalorians.

Could they be walking into an ancient Mandalorian Temple? An overrun Jedi Temple? A Pirate Base? Who knows. At this point we know nothing for sure. All I have to say is that I may have been excited about The FOrce Awakens before, but the slightest possibility of Mandalorians, as we knew them and they were celebrated by groups such as the 501st and the Mando Mercs, prior to the Expanded Universe being revised, gets me excited!

Maybe I could still make my Mando armor one day!

Peace, God Bless, and as they say on Mandalore, Ib’tuur jatne tuur ash’ad kyr’amur